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Now Shipping: Takashi Miike Collection

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Roughneck1, Oct 24, 2003.

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    A shy, middle-aged widower, Aoyama, decides to chose his new wife by holding a phony audition for a nonexistent film. He falls for the demure and alluring Asami (Japanese fashion model Eihi Shiina), a former ballerina with a suspect past. Their polite timid courtship takes a 180-degree turn when Asami, trumping the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman, visits her revenge on Aoyama in the most nightmarish of ways. The film morphs from romance to psycho-thriller in the bat of a pierced eyelid.

    City of Lost Souls:
    Japanese-Brazilian Mario ( Teah, Dead or Alive 2) and Chinese hairdresser Kei (Michelle Reis, Fallen Angels) are lovers. They need cash for passports and bribes in order to stow away on a ship headed for a foreign country. Even though they are risking their lives, they hatch a wild plot to steal the money during a drug deal between the Chinese Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza. During the fight that ensues, Mario manages to steal cocaine to sell, but he ends up with a bigger problem – in the scuffle, Kei is captured by the Yakuza. In the climatic battle, Mario will have to fight harder than ever before to rescue Kei and gain freedom and happiness for both of them.

    Happiness of the Katakuris:
    A mind-bending change of pace for the enfant terrible director Takeshi Miike (Auditiion, Dead or Alive, City of Lost Souls), The Happiness of the Katakuris is a cheerfully grotesque, anything goes musical comedy about a quaint family-run inn, where all the guests seem to die in bizarre fashion after checking in. Miike throws hilarious surreal claymation into the mix, along with a delusional secret agent and a host of karaoke-style musical numbers.

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