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Cast: Alex McArthur, Coolio, Daniel Baldwin, Darrell Dubovsky, Jenya Lano, Julie St. Claire

Direction: Mark L. Lester

Three ex-convicts, a con-man, a computer hacker and a robber, each have their own motivations for needing a large amount of cash... fast.

They concoct a scheme to steal a beautiful and famous movie star and force her to do a pay-per-view porno film broadcast live for one time only over the internet. But the 'perfect crime' begins to unravel as fear, greed, lust and power make a deadly combination for the kidnappers.


Stealing Candy ahhhhh fond memories of when i was younger :)

When is I was a juvenile deliquent being released ?

my sister whom i stole candy from and indeed i myself do not in any way endorse stealing and i wish to make it clear that stealing is wrong (( unless its from your sister ))

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