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Scream Queen Brinke Stevens (Witchouse 3: Demon Fire) is your host for this engaging look at the careers of nine actresses, from their first break to their journey inside an industry where they are often viewed as little more than window dressing – or worse yet, with no dressing at all!

The females bare their souls with a focus on the fans, aging, on-screen nudity and the advent of the digital video feature, all revealed with rare footage, photographs and extensive film clips! Spend an hour with the beautiful sirens of B-movie cinema who have screamed their way through the last several decades of your favorite horror and cult films!

Two hours...twenty filmmakers...rarely seen since its initial home video release in 1990! Get retro and meet the people behind your favorite low-budget movie! Producers! Directors! Writers! FX Artists! Actors! Actresses! Cinematographers! Editors! These working professionals tell you how they made it in Hollywood! Hosted by Scream Queen Brinke Stevens!

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