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Now Shipping: Natural City (2-disc) - Region 3 Korean

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by sandi, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. sandi


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    Cast: Yoo Ji Tae | Suh Lin

    In the year 2080, human clones with artificial intelligence replace manual labour in Natural City. Each clone has its own expiry, but few are willing to accept the fate of recycling. A "MP" force is therefore formed to dig out those expired clones.
    "R", a member of the "MP" force who falls for an expired female clone Ria, does not want to be left helpless to see Ria being terminated. "R" finds out that Dr. Croy knows the trick to continue the life of Ria. Could "R" save the life of his beloved?

    Subtitle(s): English . Running time : 253 minutes DD 5.1 & DTS . teaser . trailer . music video . deleted scenes . making of . interviews . galleries .

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