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    Direction: Giorgio Ferroni

    Presented for the first time ever in its full-length uncut version, this is one of the great films of Italian Gothic horror. In the style of the late Mario Bava, this unforgettable classic contains scenes that rank among the very best the genre has to offer.

    In sparkling Technicolor (struck from a negative untouched for nearly 40 years), the film emerges as a truly stunning piece of cinematic mastery – as well as a nightmare-inducing vision of hell.

    A young artist is hired to do a study of a famous local landmark, a windmill that contains stone statues of notorious female monsters of the past. One day he meets a mysterious, dangerously beautiful woman at the mill. Before long, he is drawn into her clutches. Just what is the terrible secret that keeps her hiding from the world?

    Features: Featurette on Italian horror films with exclusive interviews; Deleted scenes; Trailer.


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