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Now Shipping: Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (R1)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Roughneck1, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Roughneck1


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    Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (Region 1 version)

    He's back, he's mean... he's high? Again? The Leprechaun is back in the hood, all blazed up and seeking revenge!

    When a group of friends discover his treasure, they soon find out they've unleashed a can of whoop ass! With their stack of riches, the group of hoodlums goes from poor to ghetto-fabulous overnight, spending their newfound loot on pimped-out cars and hair extensions. One by one, the friends stand up to the weed-smoking, knife wielding, car-stealing Leprechaun who will stop at nothing to get his treasure back. Evil has a whole new rap and the kids from the hood had better watch their backs!

    Audio Commentary by Warwick Davis


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