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    I have to buy a stand alone HDD DVD recorder to produce some DVD's to sell to Joe Public.

    I have been pondering for several months now and have had several discussions on this board as to which model would be the best one to go for but obviously there are new models coming out all the time.

    I do not hava a PC at home to do this on so rather than buy a complete PC system I have decided to go for the stand alone option

    I edit the video on a Casablanca NLE system and have the ability to firewire this out to a recorder. It is for a football club's highlights video so I break it down to months and then individual matches.

    My main criteria are that it produces DVD's that are obviously as compatable as they can be with other DVD players and produces as professional as possible menus and chapter points.

    I understand about the time limit for copying DVD's at the SP setting on most recorders so I will be keeping the video down to 2hrs 15min or less.

    I would be copying from the NLE system to a HDD so I can then produce identical copies each time.

    As we have had such a cr*p season we are not producing hundreds more like 30 to 40 over a couple of weeks, so it's over to you guys that already have one.

    Many thanks,

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    The Toshiba XS34 has Firewire (DV-in), and in terms of menu creation it is one of the more powerful ones. You can select an image for the menu background, and have a thumbnail for each title. You can have chapter selection as well (the chapter numbers are shown on a sub menu). You can change the colour of the font and cursor.

    The Sony 710/910 (European models) are also available now and have Firewire. I'm not sure if it has the menu capabilities of the Toshiba (from the manual I can't see them).

    The Panasonic EH50 doesn't have Firewire; future models will.


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