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    I finally decided to take the plunge and I purchased a JVC DR-MH30S (North American version). I was surprised to find a local store that stocked it, so on impulse (always a mistake) I picked it up. But I was not uniformed - I did download the manual and researched it as much as I could.

    At first, I was pleasantly relieved that this version did not seem to be hampered by any of the bugs that have been reported in the European version. The image quality is superb. It is not even that bad in 6H mode (4H mode is probably the lowest I would consider using). I have used the Sony GX300 and the 6H mode on the JVC looked better (JVC is more soft while the Sony seemed more "blocky"). The UI is fairly simple and intuitive.

    And then we come to dubbing. First, while dubbing, you cannot seem to do anything - can't watch a recording, can't even watch live television - just the stupid "Now Dubbing" progress bar.
    The real annoying thing is that the JVC will not do a high speed dub of any edited content to an RW video format disc (only VR format which is useless). So no playlist or divided titles can be dubbed at high speed (stated in the manual in SMALL print), meaning that you have to wait 2 hours for an inferior copy. Also, no HS dubbing from the DVD (VR or Video) to the HDD. God forbid we can actual make a high quality DVD recording without commercials.

    Finally, there does not seem to be any auto chaptering. The manual states that chapter marks are created at 5 min intervals during finalization. The bright side is that chapter marks seem to be preserved during HS dubbing and non-HS dubbing. It would be nice to be able to choose to retain the original chapter marks or have the recorder auto insert chapter marks.

    I have revised my list of required features for a recorder
    HDD (size no longer matters)
    HS dubbing of edited content
    DVD-R/RW recording
    Versatile HDD editing (playlists, divide/a-b erase)

    So far I am looking at the Pioneer DVR-520H and the Toshiba RD-XS32 (XS52?)
    I probably would have chosen the DVR-720H if it were available here :(

    Are these the only two recorders that satisfy my required features? Am I asking too much? Am I over reacting?

    One last oddity. The resulting DVD played fine one my computer, a relative cheap DVD player, and my Playstation 2, but not my XBox (which has played DVD-RWs from other sources).

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