Novice question - Building a PC


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How easy is it to build a PC? I've got a fair amount of AV/electronic knowledge, and am fairly computer literate, so have been considering having a go.

Can anyone recommend any good websites on where to start?


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Building a PC is not that tricky, it is installing windows and configuring the PC that is the hard part :p

The best way to start is to choose your components, try to make sure they seem pretty compatible. Unfortunately, I have never really seen one website that contains everything, it usually involves trawling around.

I would read reviews and look for a good stable motherboard like an ASUS or Abit. I do recommend sticking to brandname products for memory, graphics cards, Hard disks etc.

The only way to do it is to choose some components and research them. Putting them together is easy as you will find that stuff only slots in one hole :)

The basic components you will need (and the ones you should spend your budget) in order are :-

Graphics Card
Hard Disk
Sound Card
Mouse and Keyboard

This should get your PC up and running. CPU and Hard Disk I rate as low as these are the prices that fluctuate the most, they are constantly decreasing faster than the other components.


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its actualy very easy to build one
i take it you know how to install drivers and wher to get them from so you should be ok installing the windows
the bit people seem to get stuck on is the jumper settings on the hdd and cdroms. just remember when you put 2 devices on one cable, one has to be set to master and the other to slave (see manual of device for whereabouts)
the bios will be fine too, set it to auto detect and all will be ok.

i remember back when mobos didnt support auto detect, that was frustrating because i was building 3 pcs a day in my job and couldnt afford to make mistakes lol


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Yes but those websites do not hold reviews of components and how they work with others, they will all contain different prices.

To find the best deal for your PC you usually have to shop around and will often have to buy from different suppliers.

Places to start looking at what to research :-

hardocp forum

There are tonnes of sites with info, putting it all together is the hard part. It simply depends on your budget.

Researching is the hard part, if you don't mind spending the time then it is easy. If you just want to do it quickly simply buy from mesh or another reputable supplier.


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Building a Pc is a breeze, the only tricky bit is fitting the heatsink which has to be done very cautiously.

Hover around the overclockers forums for a little while and you should get the gist of things.

With the speed that technology moves at I don't think you could really have a one stop place that really covers compatibility with other components, best just to look and ask on forums.


Building them are easy I find the formatting/partitioning the HD the hardest part.


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it seems building one is easy, just each of us have our own little problems lol
you will find it easy too and you will come accross a problem of your own, when you get there post here and we will help you out :D


I used Scan when I built my machine. I pieced together my order on the website, then call in the order. I don't know if it's typical, but I got a guy who really knew what he was talking about on the other end, and he confirmed that all the stuff I was buying would work together and even made a few helpful suggestions.


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Cheers guys - I didn't think it was that bad, and was looking for some encouragement. Knew you wouldn't fail me.
Originally posted by Garrett
Building them are easy I find the formatting/partitioning the HD the hardest part.

If find that if theres a friend to call when you get stuck, then its pretty simple.


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Hehe, i been meanin to post that for a while, but keep forgetting :p


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building a PC is easy - once you have sourced and bought all the right bit's it will take you about an hour to put them together and about another hour to set up Win XP and your drivers.

Try this site -

also for bits try

the Mobo/CPU/Fan/Memory bundles on Komplett are good and they also do full PC Kit's that work out fairly reasonable.


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Originally posted by Sinzer
Building a PC is not that tricky, it is installing windows and configuring the PC that is the hard part :p

That's the easy part!! :p

The only bit I still cringe about is doing the processor and heatsink... Cracking the core can be done quite easily if you don't install the heatsink properly.

The rest is very easy. With modern equipment you basically plug everything into the right place and bingo.

Even installing the OS (Windows XP Pro :p ) is easy. You don't need to do much besides enter your user information and maybe configure some drivers.

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