Novice needs advice on correct set up tv/Sky/dvdr


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Hi all, got good advice here once before, am back.

With our old TV I could record on Sky and watch Analogue TV at the same time. We've just a new TV - a Panasonic TX-P42G10. Husband has set it up. I want to make sure we are getting the best out of it, so the current set up is:

Sky box - VCR scart goes into DVD-R Line 3. Sky box TV scart goes into AV2 on TV

TV AV-1 goes into Line 1 of DVD-R

We have a bog standard Grundig Sky box and Sony RDR-HX710 DVD-R.

I watch Sky on AV2 on the TV.
Freeview and Analogue get the best picture in the TV setting on TV, but I'm also able to view them through AV1 of TV.

Don't seem to be able to record Sky at the moment, am unsure if this is something husband has done or I've done whilst trying to fix this - I've been fiddling with setup in DVD-R... switching things to RGB etc...

I'm a complete dunce at all this, but if anyone can give me some advice on my setup ie. am I getting the best picture quality - I'd be so grateful!

Thanks, Kate
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Buuump! just noticed error on my original message so if that was confusing anyone please give it another look over, thanks.

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