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I have just come across this idea of building a HCPC as a centre piece of your home entertainment system.

I intend to build a PC that will remain in my bedroom but will connected my 29" Sony TV via cables in my living room.

My goal is to view DVD movies running on my PC from TV, access my mp3 collection from the TV in the living.

* My initial questions are is this feasible?
* What's the best graphics card (sensible price) for watching DVD's on a TV via a PC
* A graphic card that also me to use a conventitional TV as a monitor?
* Whats the best sound setup?

If you have the answers to the above questions please let me know.

The answer to the 1st question, yes, it is easily feasible. But..... questionable. In using the tv out on a graphics card, you are missing out on the important features of the hcpc. The image you would achieve wouldnt be wonderful.

The MP3 bit is easy, there are varying routes at varying costs. At the lower end, you could have a long lead to a display in your living room (your tv would be quite sufficient) and then use an RF board and mouse which need no leads and can be a distance from the reciever. Then you simply navigate the pc as normal. For the sound, you need a sound card (obviously), another long lead to the amp in your listening room, and there you go!

With more time and money you could us a touch screen and thus remover mouse and keyboard, or use a program which can arrange your mp3's and then replace your mouse and keyboard with a rmote control.

If you need another source of info, check out

Thanks for your reply, so don't do down the route of using the TV out to display the image on conventitional TV. So is there another way of getting a good picture from a graphics card onto a normal TV. As I am a novice what are the main features of a hcpc?
Im not an expert, so dont go quoting me!

With the hcpc you can output progressive scan at precise resolutions. But you do this through the vga (15 pin d-sub i think is its proper name) or a digital video interface. Basically a hcpc will output a much higher quality image, to a suitable display, than comparably priced dvd players.

If you look on the forum below this one (i really should know its name but cant recall!) they talk about progressive scan nd de interlacers and scalers and all sorts of things. What the hcpc can do is basically replace most (if not all) of those things. The pc also will cost alot less than the equivalent scalers and such. But your pay off is useability. However, there are certain ways around that if you take the time to learn how everything works.

I was always recommended when i started pc'ing that using a video out wasnt a good idea, but i havent really tried it. There is no harm at all in having a go to see what it looks like. But the real pay offs are when using a display like a projector.

so basically, an well set up hcpc can act as a high quality dvd player for a projector or plasma, it can act as a de interlacer for external sources, it can give good performance as an audio server..... all at a good price.


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