November 2018 Winner - Decay


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Love the mirror and the effect it has on the photo. I like this.


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Love this. Similar to something I had in mind, but abandoned buildings (that you don't have to break and enter) are surprisingly difficult to find!


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Great idea with the reflection, well taken image with the exposure etc and overall it's a good pic but there's just something about the composition that doesn't quite work for me I'm afraid, but I'm not sure why exactly. I think the right hand wall is too dominant and for me it would have been better if the reflection was at the same level as the actual door, or more off than it actually is as it's kind of in-between.

I am being picky with that though, as I said overall it's a really good pic :smashin:


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Keep coming back to this. One of those “oh why didn’t I take that!” photos.

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