Novat-T DVB card - less channels after driver upgrade

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Richard Harnwell, Mar 5, 2003.

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    I finally got round to buying a Nova-T DVB card, and installed it last night.

    I pointed it to my transamitter, did a "scan", and all the channels I get on my freeview box (all multiplexes) appeared, and all of them displayed with no poor reception artefacts.

    Because I wanted to play with MHEG teletext, I downloaded the latest driver from the Hauppage site and installed this. Same "scan" again, but this time it failed to pick up at least one multiplex (BBC1,2 and some others don't appear). Many attempts at this (even scanning the entire frequency spectrum for all transmitters) have not been able to find that multiplex.

    Can anyone think of a reason why the later software cannot find this multiplex when the earlier one can?



    PS - I am really looking forward to John Adcock's replacement software......

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