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Nova hd-s2 no signal/power to lnb problem.


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Hi All,
I have a problem with this card and after hours tinkering I need some help!

I`m running vista mce 32 bit and after installing card which is recognized in device manager with no reported problems I`m getting no signal from the dish. It is connected directley from pc card to dish (sky dish pointed to 28.00 east). I have had this working fine in the past but now have this problem. I have tried latest drivers with latest wintv and dvbviewer with no joy.

If I connect cable from nova card to lnb loop through on my separate satellite reciever I do get signal so it appears the separate reciever is powering the lnb.This limits me to certain channels though as the reciever has to be on and limits me to Vertical or Horizontal channels depending on what reciever channel is set.(There is no seperate lnb power option when reciever is off in menu).

I`ve tried card in other pci slot with no success,I also have nova t500 freeview card which works no problem,I have tried with this card in and out the pc when testing, it makes no difference to problem i am having.

I know I had this working in the past direct to the dish with no power from separate reciever so am baffled as to why I now get no signal. I have re-installed vista and also tried windows7 beta 7100 but have same problem on both! I`ve looked in pc`s bios and everywhere i can think of but cant get this working.

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated


P.S. I have another nova hds2 card that i have tried, it gives same problem so sure card is not at fault.

My pc is abit nfm2 mboard
ati 4550 graphics card
2 gb ram
vista 32bit


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I bought this card yesterday. Set it up and got all the channels, it was working great.

I wake up this morning to see that I have the exact same problem as you. No signal in either 7MC or WinTV.

Do you believe it is a power issue? I can't get mine working at all now.


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Hi Evel,

If I run the coaxial lead through loop through of a separate satellite reciever I get perfect signal, but no signal when run directly to the dish so yes I assume the nova cards not powering the lnb on dish. No idea why though!

When you say power issue I`m running a my setup in antec fusion case with the original power supply running 3 sata hard drives, nova t500, nova hds2 and ati 4550 graphics card. Possibly too much for power supply, but I`d hazard a guess it`s not the problem. Tried with one nova card and 1 hard drive connected.



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By power issue I was thinking it could be a few things. May PSU not powerful enough (but you tested) or it could be some power management issue with the drivers, not correctly powering the card after a wake from sleep state. However that wouldn't really explain why it doesn't work after a clean reboot. So I'm as puzzled as you!

I actually fixed the problem yesterday but rebooting with the card unplugged, then putting it back in, booting up and setting up the tv signal again. Now I have set it up not to sleep and it seems ok, this is not really a long term solution however!

As a side note: I have had a thread running on the green button where I had no signal problems through my black gold tuner (no signal ever!). It seems the is a power connector on the PCI-E card that I have not connected. This seems similar, thought it might be worth mentioning. I am going to connect that and try this evening.


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Thanks for the feedback Evel, i re-installed windows 7 (again)! disabled automatic updates and loaded old drivers from the disc that came with the card......and got signal!

OS is a bit unstable though, tuners randomly not available, then working again, restart of media centre normally cures it but pretty annoying. I took the plunge and loaded latest drivers from Hauppauge site and still have signal! Unfortunately the system is still far from stable, randomly crashing and blue screening occasionally. Its a real shame as I really like the workings of windows 7, particularly having bbchd in the guide and recordable. Oh well, think I`ll reload my nice working STABLE vista media centre image:rolleyes:

Thanks for your time, let me know how you get on


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I'm having similar no signal problems on my Hauppauge Nova-S-USB2. I'm now on the 3rd one having returned the previous 2 thinking they were faulty but on the latest one I get a signal when first installed but then when I come back to it a day or two later (it's on a media PC in the bedroom) there's no signal.

I've connected it up to another PC tonight and still no signal so I'm sure it's something to do with the Hauppage box and not the PC. This is on Windows 7 with the lastest drivers but I even reinstalled Vista and got the same problems.

The Sky box downstairs is fine and I'm going to reconnect the upstairs cable to a spare sky box and see if that works OK.

If not sure but if the Sky box is powering the LNB does the Hauppauge box also need to?

It's going back for a refund if I cant get this sorted.


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