Question Nova -HD S2 Driver Signature.... not simple!

Monty Burns

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Hey all!

I'm using a WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 and Windows will NOT install the drivers properly as it says they need to be SIGNED.

I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit with 8gb RAM. It's all fully patched from Windows Update. It's a fresh build. Fresh (latest drivers) for sound card and Nvidia. I've grabbed the latest drivers from here:

Hauppauge Computer Works

I'm running as administrator and i've turned UAC OFF for the purposes of trying to fix this problem.

Additional steps tried:
- I've booted in to the Safe Boot menu and selected to boot Windows with Driver Signing Turned OFF.
- I've run "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON" and "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF".... always as admin Command Line.
- I've disabled SECURE Boot in my UEFI BIOS (but have NOT reinstalled windows since doing so, does this need doing?)

Of course, during all of the above stages i've used the driver packages, driver deletion app called HWCLEAR.EXE (as admin) multiple times, using the tickbox to clear out the INF files and selecting "(TOTAL REMOVAL)" option with multiple reboots in between.

I have also tried the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b "Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b" app but, it's so basic, i can't tell if it worked or not on the files, anyway, it didn't work with the Install.

In addition to all of the above, i've the driver install app called HCWDRIVERINSTALL.EXE as well as manually pointing Device Manager to the file locations.

Finally, i've downloaded the drivers multiple times to ensure the file is not corrupt, well, not because of me, anyway.

Nothing i've tried will allow me to install the drivers and ALWAYS brings up the Windows blocking as NOT signed drivers.

I'm totally confused, utterly, utterly perplexed and have no where to go at this point....

Any ideas?


P.S. I'm Windows Home Premium and so don't have GPEDIT but, at this stage, as no other drivers have this issue and i've already turned off driver signing checks in multiple other ways, i don't really think it's a Windows issue. I mean, if F8 at boot and turn off checks doesn't work, BCEDIT doesn't work, why would GPEDIT work?
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I appreciate this has been here a while but I don't frequent this subforum.
I was running one of these cards on Windows 7 Professional until fairly recently, never had any issues with driver signing.
I've just checked the download folder on the PC and I was using 88x_2_126_28225_WHQL.exe
If you're still stuck and can't find it to download PM me an email address and I'll send it to you.

Monty Burns

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Hi Amc,

Sorry, should have updated.

Anyway, DVBlogic helped solve. Turns out that because I'm using a UEFI BIOS I can't use the correct drivers and instead need to use the WinTV install dvd which has some generic drivers. All working now!

I've appealed for DVBLogic to put this text on the drivers page but, I'm not sure they have. They really should or someone else could waste a lot of time.


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I know this is old, but trying to use this card on windows 10 and i have UEFI BIOS. the wintv application from hauppaue wants activation code. How do i fix


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this is what is being installed when using driver 88x_2_126_30325_SIGNED


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