nothing from surrounds in pl2, ok on 5 chan???


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watched film on satellite ,film was dolby surround, sat reciever is not linked to 3802 by phono (sat reciever is conected to nicam s-vcr, vcr to 3802 via phono lead to 3802 vcr input) set vidio to sat channel, engaged pl2 c on 3802 ,no sound from surrounds in pl2 at all, set amp to 5 channel sterio ,there was sound from surrounds, any ideas why not in pl2 in this case, if using vcr ,digibox, tv pl2 is ok ,bit baffled ,something to do with dolby surround thank you


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Hi Mick

Sounds like you´re only getting a mono signal. You need a stereo signal to get output from the surrounds etc. A mono signal will only give you output from the centre channel.

5CH Stereo still gives output to all the channels, even when fed a mono signal.

Try connecting directly from the Sat Receiver to the Denon, then you shouldn´t have any problems.


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thanks jase, must have been mono signal,because i forgot to say there was no sound from front main speakers ,only center,will check sat reciever audio set up ,might have been set to mono rather than sterio, i would normally have phono connection to 3802, but disconected phono while decorating,and had misplaced lead,thank you

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