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I've seen MANY posts on how PIP works on Samsung TV's.

First off, let me say in order to use PIP, your TV has to support it. Just because it's in the menu does NOT mean you have PIP and it will work.

Look at detailed specs for your specific TV to verify it before you beat yourself silly trying to get something to work that does NOT exist in your environment.

Second, you have to understand how it works. It requires at least 2 LIVE active sources to be enabled on the TV. Meaning Powered On and Tuned to a valid channel or station.

If you only have ONE LIVE SOURCE, (either OTA, Cable or Sat.) PIP will be grayed out and not accessible.

You can use OTA (over the air or antenna) as 1 source and Cable/Sat. as those are the 2 LIVE sources. Then PIP will be enabled.

I do NOT know if you connect 2 live sources of the SAME TYPE (i.e both OTA or both Cable or both Sat.) if you can view 2 different channels at once. In theory it MIGHT work

I can't verify it because I don't have Cable or Sat. TV, just OTA for now.

Unless your TV if designed for multiple inputs from the same source like 2 Ant. inputs for OTA or 2 cable or sat. inputs. You will only have 1 source for PIP. It's possible to have different channels from 1 source IF ALL THE BELOW ARE TRUE.

It might work if your TV has a Coax Cable AND HDMI or Component Inputs AND the STB (cable OR sat.) ALSO has an HDMI or Component in addition to it's Coax Outputs AND the allow multiple signals to be sent to either active Output connections.


You will also have PIP if you connect a PC through an HDMI cable and you have either OTA or Cable/Sat. powered on and tuned to a station. When you switch source from TV to PC, PIP becomes active.

There are only 2 choices in MY menu for PIP. Either Air or Cable. If you have Air, Cable AND Sat. you MAY be able to have more than 2 sources. I only have 2 sources.

If anyone can verify more than 2 sources, please do in detail for those who don't understand "geek speak" .

Finally, in the Settings Menu, you can change sources (Air or Cable), change PIP channel for that source (by highlighting the channel and up/down arrow between stations)

Change the PIP size and Position by highlighting them and selecting that option.

You can also change the sound source from MAIN to SUB, which swaps sound sources between your sources.

It also displays the PIP box if you are watching a DVD. It may work for Games too, but I don't have a Game system hooked up to be sure. Let me know if it does in Games too.

I see no option for SWAPPING the 2 PIP sources. None of my 3 Samsung remotes has PIP, yet PIP works on 2 different TV's. It may or may NOT be possible to swap PIP sources. I will update if someone can give me remote codes for swap on a Samsung TV. I'll look into it too.

Anyone have a code for this and how to program it onto a Samsung remote (out of the 8 million flavors of the Samsung remote)?

Here is one Samsung's threads on PIP. They give some detail, but not much and it's for only one model listed.

PIP Setup

If you have anything to add please feel free to comment.

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