Notebook to Sony 32V4500 - combining video with audio?


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Please help me, I don't get it.

I connected my notebook to my LCD screen using a DVI to HDMI cable, which works well. Because I read DVI doesn't transmit sounds, I also plugged in a 3,5mm stereo Jack to 2x male tulp cable.

But I can't combine both feeds :(. I've got my screen on the HDMI channel, and my sound on whatever channel in which the audio cable is plugged in (tried all possible locations). I can't find any option allowing me to manually tell the HDMI channel where to get audio...
Can anyone tell me how to solve this?


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That's a quick, clear answer. Thanks!

One follow up question: Since my notebook is quite far away from the tv, I'm using a 5meter DVI-HDMI cable, which is digital. Do you reckon using a 5meter plug-plug cable, which is analog, would fall behind in terms of transferspeeds? Causing audio to run slightly behind video, as a result?


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the transfer speed of both cables will be the same, assuming made from the same material, what with the speed of an electrical signal in copper being a constant, and close to the speed of light. Even if one cable is a few metres longer than the other , or made from a slightly different metal compound, the difference due to electrical signal propagation time is in the nanoseconds. so you won't hear it...

its much more possible that the digital video signal gets behind the audio due to the additional delay caused by the digital video signal processing in the tv. Some kit has options to adjust this - often called lip-sync or similar.

although its not exactly the problem - a classic example to illustrate it is if you listen to the same radio station on DAB or FM, or the same tv station on DTT (freeview) versus analog PAL- the FM/Analog will always be a second or so in front due to the processing the broadcaster has to do to put the signal out on the digital medium.


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So the opposite is more likely? That never occurred to me.

I think I'm safe though, when I move my mouse there's no delay in tv screen response, so that shouldn't be a problem... I hope...

EDIT: I now have a 5m DVI-HDMI cable running alongside a 5M 3,5mm jack to jack plug, which is working fine. According to the website where I bought the cables, sound might run behind a bit, but I I don't notice any of that myself. Seems to be working fine!
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