Question Note 9, is there any phones worth upgrading to?


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i have a note 9, probably 2years old now i think.

i don;t have 5g nor do i really need it. is it worth upgrading, if to, what phone?

no interest in apple. happy with chinese phones like hauwei and xaomi.

whats better? mine is the 128 gb version.


How much do you want to spend? The Note9 is still supported and the only two devices to compare with it are the Note 10 Plus and the Note 20 Ultra.


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no more than £500 tops if i moved. i viewed the note 10 and ultra and both have battery issues apparently. my battery last around a day using it alot. which isn;t bad.


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You might own the last "good" Note series. The Note 20 thread quickly got buried in the forum due to price and Samsung hobbling the processor in the Europe variant

Do you actually require the stylus though

It is of course a tempter for you to see what Black Friday deals arrive later this month


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i do love the stylus and use it a lot to make notes etc. doesn;t seem to take pics anymore though which is annoying

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