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I am about to move into a new flat, and face the World on my own.

I current have one TV (19" LCD for my bedroom), and will need to buy a TV for my frontroom. HOWEVER, I am a) quite poor, and b) moving into a flat and having to pay for 'mandatory' things. So, I've been looking into the second hand market.

I was VERY suprised to see 32" LCD TV's second hand are still going for around £200+, despite being able to get some new ones now, with warranty, for that price. I think people are still remembering when they bought them for £500+ four or five years ago and can't, or don't want to, appreciate that the prices have dropped rapidly.

So, my options are fairly limited. I buy a tiny LCD for the front room. Don't really want to do this, or I look at older models.

The current tenant has a MASSIVE LCD on the wall, that looks amazing. Its on like a chimney breast, which looks good. I don't really want to buy a CRT, as these are very bulky and will look odd in the room. Then I came across a few 'rear projection' tvs that were for sale for like £30! I thought GREAT, they are big, and they are flat, and will go against the chimney breast well. But then I read some reviews about these a) not being very good for consoles (I have a PS3), and b) can decrease in picture quality over the years, and I assume these rear projection tvs are a good 5+ years old. I'd obviously go and look at them first, but you can't really inspect the quality over a multiple of scenarios (e.g. fast action film, slow drama, playing a PS3).

So, I guess my question is, what do I do?!

I appreciate there will probably be answers such as "save up", or "go without one for a while", but you can probably appreciate it's quite an exciting time for me, and I'd definitely want something in there!

Thanks for any views. I appreciate this thread probably isn't what you technology loving people are used too :blush:

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