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not what i expected


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hi there i finally got round to putting in my alpine ida x100 and new speakers.

My speakers ended up being 6x9s and not 5.25. I have changed my factory fit 6x9s for jbl 6x9s

Sounds ok but theres something not quite right


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what do you think is wrong. the volume isnt very loud and it just doesnt sound good at all for some reason.

i replaced all my speakers with new speakers and my headunit

any ideas people

any ideas guys. all i have done is replaced 4 factory fitted 6x9s for 4 brand new jbl 6x 9s.
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what are the specs on the speakers. you probaly dropped in speakers that have a low DB and require more wattage to play them loud. buying new speakers means you need to know what you need to get. if you do not have an amp, and you are only using your head unit to power them, then you probally need an amp. head units are normally about 25 watts RMS x 4 channel (no matter what the head unit says on the front, ie, 50 watts x 4 channels, its only 25 watts rms.. 50 is the max which means nothing)

basicly, you probally dropped better speakers in that were desinged for being playied LOUD and they are suppose to sound GOOD right? well, you need an amp to do this my friend. you can not change your stock setup from a 25 watt rms system to a 100 watt system without upgrading your headunit. your speakers are looking for the 100 watts (probally only 50 watts rms, since ovals never can handle much) and your headunit can only give them 25 watts at any given time.. meaning.. they are under powered.. they migth even be distorted if the speakers have a min Watts rating.. ie
5 - 50 watts RMS.. meaning you have to pushed atleast 5 watts into them all teh time to make them sound good... if you head unit is not turned up, it might disort them at lower volumes..

also, oval speakers sound like junk nomatter the brand.

sometimes if you dont know what you are doing, or dont want to spend the money, keep the stock speakers, or get a professional to buy you the speakers..

post the specs, and if you are running an amp, then anyone can tell you for sure..


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JBL GTO 937 Description:
Plus One woofer cones - The GTO937 has a cone with more surface area than competing models of the same size. The benefits of Plus One are greater efficiency and bass output.
My-Ti (Mylar/titanium composite) tweeters. Stiff and light, extremely efficient, JBL's new My-Ti tweeters deliver the high-frequency extension of titanium domes with the damping of composite diaphragms. These are not commonly used w-domes, but full edge-driven domes like those found in higher quality home audio speakers. The benefits are increased power handling, reduced distortion, and increased efficiency. This technology also allows for better integration with the mid/woofer. The GTO937 also uses a My-Ti super tweeter to deliver every last nuance.

JBL GTO 937 Features:
  • 3-way 6x9 speakers
  • Power Handling: RMS 100 Watts
  • Power Handling: Peak 300 Watts
  • Frequency Response (�3dB) 50Hz-21kHz
  • Sensitivity 94dB
  • Mounting Depth 2-15/16" (75mm)
  • Cut-Out Diameter 8-11/16" x 5-7/8" (151mm x 221mm)
  • 6x9 3-way loudspeaker with Plus One woofer cone,
  • My-Ti tweeter, tweeter level control and Low-Q design.
  • Sold in pairs. Supplied with grills
ive now changed my headunit to alpine 9812rb sounds much better now

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