Not upgraded for a fews years what choices do I have?


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Hey all

I bought a pair of WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 8.4 with a WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 8 CENTRE back in 04 with a pair of dirt cheap gale fronts as my rears and they have lasted me pretty well up to now but I have got the upgrade bug and I am wondering whats going to be a good upgrade my max budget is £600 and they are used solely for movies and gaming (xbox 360 and ps3) they are hooked up to a SONY STRDB795 RECEIVER which is going to have to last me till the new FULL HD amps drop down in price my room is 3x4.5m big so hit me with your knowledge great wise ones ;)


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thanks for the response never really had a sub as it never seemed worth it as my room is so small but that does seem like a great deal
very tempting does any one else have any ideas as these do seem like a winner

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Get a sub.

Once setup correctly, you will be amazed what it does for the overall sound. It will be doing the bass duties for all of the speakers, and will give those speakers and the amp powering them, a much easier ride and thus improving quality all round.

The size of the room doesn't matter in this respect; a system that delivers down to 20Hz is impressive in any room and subwoofer quality and value has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 4-5years. Speakers haven't changed as much as some might have you believe.;)



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Hey guys
I am now leaning towards picking up a sub seen this one about
WHARFEDALE DIAMOND SW150 seems like a good price at £200 I have never been very happy with the rears as they came part of a 5.1 package from richer sounds about 6 years ago for £80.00 I have been looking at TANNOY MERCURY F1 CUSTOM as rears any ideas if these coupled with a nice shiny new sub ;) would give my sound system a new lease on life
As nice as those
SVS speakers look I am thinking I might be better off spending the money I will save on a new amp like the onkyo 605
Cheers for all the help

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