Not to happy with AppleTV.


I've got 2 of these. and one of them is a appletv3 and the other appletv2.

Well i when to plug the apple tv2 into the bedroom tonight and the itunes logo is coming up on it. i thought well it didn't come with a cable.

Seems its not included. so gonna have to order one of ebay. Not sure why it when like this any ideas?

Not happy with apple for once! :thumbsdow


Sorry mate, but I don't understand your complaint?? What cable are you referring to? Power cord? HDMI? Optical?


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It doesn't need a cable m8, if you have the iTunes logo showing, then it's been jailbroken but either not successfully or tethered and then unplugged. You need to re-jailbreak it or plug it into iTunes and do a full restore.
Edit, you will need a Micro USB to re-jailbreak, and possibly Restore.


I've never tried to jailbreak mate. Just happened all of a sudden. Crash maybe? Yeah I know I need a micro USB but its not something I carry around.
If it is brand new, can it when it is an appletv2? Then I'd take it back as it may be trouble. And if you bought it secondhand I'd do the same. I've had Appletvs since they've been released never had to connect it to anything other than TV and power and wifi.


It was a appletv3.. I've taken it into apple today and they have done a full restore seems sorted now.

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