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Not that it's important, but,......

  • Thread starter Deleted member 30535
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Deleted member 30535

New Member 0
Member 30
Senior Member 1000
Prominent Member 3000
Veteran Member 5000
Conspicuous Member 7500
Pedant 9099*
Distinguished Member 10000
Illustrious Member 15000
[-]Tiny Member 15019**[/-]
Illustrious Mumbler 15000***
Preeminent Member 20000
Eminent Member 30000

*Amended for Flimber!
** Ad Hoc adjustment
*** Ad Hoc adjustment #2

If the table is correct and the software working within defined parameters, then this post should make me a [-]Illustrious Member![/-] [-]Tiny Member [/-]
Illustrious Mumbler

It's nice to make a "small" contribution to the forums!
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Prominent Member
It did indeed! Now where is the speech, the discussion on your best post, and of course, you buying a round of drinks for all of us?



Distinguished Member
And Stuart's still not swapped around the emininent/pre-eminent prefixes, 'cos as it is now they are wrong :)


Distinguished Member
Well done, Bob!

Sadly the budget has been cut, usually there would be a confetti drop, but sadly all we have are these party poppers.



Distinguished Member
Well done Bob....yesterday I became Conspicuous.....with half as many posts as you. I was surprised when I noticed it today as I'd presumed it wouldn't change until 8000 posts.

Deleted member 30535

My stats say an average of 5.11 per day. It used to be about 2 before the General Chat was reinstated! :blush:

Sniper Ash6

Distinguished Member
Hmm, what am I then and how long until my next 'award'?
You've just passed one (5k) and won't get one just just under 2.5k posts now.


Established Member
This is for you!


Distinguished Member
Hmmm i think im seeing something quite different with your Member Status :rotfl:

Congrats on it though :arty:

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