Not sure which amp to get if any (£250 budget)


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I always like to treat myself at this time of year :)

Here is my story:-

I owned a Marantz PM4000 until 2002, then bought a PM 6010 OSE, loved the amp but it developed a fault and sold it cheap (I regret not repairing it now).

In 2007 I bought a Cambridge Azure 640A but after three years this developed a fault and kept overheating, my local TV repair company won't touch it and Richers want £40 just to look at it :(.

2010 I bought a Yamaha AX392 for £40 which has been keeping me going but I am aware it is a budget amp and get the what is misisng feel with it, although I do really like the tonal balance, I just wish it was a tad cleaner.

I found my Azure always sounded a bit dull, but I now think that is just because it was faulty.

My options are:-

Yamaha S500 (how much better is that my old AX 392?)
Marantz PM6004 - I assume this like my old PM6010 OSE but better?
Get my Cambridge repaired, how does it compare to the above two amps?

Also thought about buying something used like a Sony 940 for around £100.

My speakers are Whafedale Diamond 9.1s, and I mainly listen to indie, classic rock, ska and punk.


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I am now also considering the PM6003, its £200 and I could sell the Yamaha and Cambridge to partly fund it, I would feel a lot happier spending £200 than £250.

Also want something new as I want to keep it for a very long time.


The Yamaha AS500 and Marantz PM6003 are good amps and will do well.

However the likes of the NAD C326BEE, NAD C355BEE (2nd hand) and NAD C352 (2nd hand as well) would be a very good upgrade also.

Are dead set on that the amp needs to be new or are you prepared to go 2nd hand and more than likely get more bang for your buck?

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