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:confused: Hi All,
I need an AV amp that will power my front and rear speakers and also a subwoofer which has no amplification of its own (so AV amp will need to have sub filter or something to only let through low frequencies) Im very confused by the many for sale. Also what connections will be needed from my Plasma screen to the amp is it simply RCA cables ? Many thanks for any help. I need it !! Jimmer


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hello there,

ok, firstly all AV amps nowadays come with a freq filter to send signals below a freq you set (usually you have option of cutting at 40, 60, 80 and 100hz, sometimes more varied, sometimes less varied)......however this is an RCA output to the sub, it is not a powered if you sub is passive then these wont work with your sub.......i'm not personally aware of any AV amps that have the ability to power a passive sub, however i get the feeling some exist, hopefully someone else on here who has enquired about this before can help point you in the right direction...

the alternative of course is to go for a new sub as well....BK who are popular on these forums do some nicely priced models, or SVS as well.....

back to the AV amp tho, if you list your price limit, the kind of speakers you want to connect to it, plus if you have any specific video switching requirements, then hopefully folks here can give you some advice on amps worth considering :)

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