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Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by ChrisUlrich, Apr 27, 2016.

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    So I own a Panasonic VT30 (55"). i'm looking to upgrade. I have no preference to LCD, OLED, Plasma, whatever. I just want the quality. But the confusion lies in what will be a picture quality upgrade. I know VT30 still looks very good. Looking at TV's in store is always unfair because it's a bluray setup. I want a TV that will shine on apple tv (streaming) and regular cable (direct tv). The size is going to be in the 55" area. 55-60 (don't want any smaller). I REEEEALLY like the 1080p OLED. It's a beautiful picture for sure. But is it really worth it for $2000? No 4K ability and obviously no HDR. But the question is, is getting 4K really worth it? Apple TV doesn't stream 4K and is 4K really that necessary on a 4K screen being 10ft away? Is there even enough content to warrant the $3000 OLED? Don't care about audio as I have a home theater (Anthem MRX 710 and DT speakers). The TV will be mounted on the wall as well. Just want a TV that will do the job for picture quality and be worth the upgrade!

    I also have a 46" Samsung ES8000F (which looks pretty nice as well).

    I am tearing at my brain trying to figure out if I should splurge on a 4K HDR panel or just wait 3-4 years until it's mainstream.

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