Not sure if this is the right forum but...


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(It probably isnt, but im a total noob)

Anyway, I run my PC, To an amp (Pioneer SA-520) Connected via phone, and then normal speaker wire to 2 sony speakers (Little ones)

Anyway, I find it hard getting the correct balance of bass etc, any help?

Also I feel my ears hurting, When its not even loud, any idea whats causing that?


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Hard to know without listening, but if you're using a little pair of sony speakers the odds are they don't have too much bass and they may have a tinny or 'bright' sound - too much treble. That type of thing can certainly make you ears hurt... I'm assuming if your amp has tone controls they're set to neutral position?

You might like to try getting a pair of speakers to demo at home (lots of choice depending how much you wanted to spend, I think Richer Sounds had some cheap little-ish mission and tannoy speakers fairly cheap, which could be worth a listen). How much bass is 'right' depends on taste, to an extent - if you want very deep bass you're likely to need either bigger speakers or a decent sub...


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