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Sorry if this is a dumb question:Ive had my panasonic 32 tv (tx32lxd70) for about 3 months now and have had no problems, however only recently ive decided to make use of the integrated freeview. Iv connected a cable running from my main tv aerial downstairs to my panasonic upstairs, even when connecting it directly it doesnt seem to be receiving any digital channels despite getting an analogue signal, albeit the reception isnt brilliant.
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this, does it have anything to do with the CI (common interface) modules which the tv does not have or would i need to try a different aerial. i was assuming since it was picking up some signal through the digital manual tuning i might receive a few digital channels however im receiving none at all. I now its possible to receive freeview in our area (west midlands) as my sister does through her analogue aerial and she just lives up the road from me, Any help much appreciated.:lease:


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ok it seems that i might some sort of booster, any recommendations anyone, bearing in mind im not receiving any channels


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The CI module has nothing to do with Freeview reception.
Just because your sister is receiving all channels does not mean that you will and this depends on many factors - BTW there is no such thing as an analogue or digital aerial, it's just an aerial.
You said that your analogue reception '..isn't brilliant..' and as digital signals are at present transmitted at a fraction of the power of analogue that's probably the answer to your problem.
Check your installation and put your postcode in here to see what's recommended for your area

An already poor signal will be degraded even more with a split extension '....I've connected a cable running from my main tv aerial downstairs to my Panasonic upstairs, even when connecting it directly it doesn't seem to be receiving any digital...'


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Thanks, i was obviously wrong to assume that it would be quite simple for me to receive freeview, typical.


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is the extension you are connecting to the tv directly from your own aerial? i have the same problem - when i connect my building extension - i.e. the one built into the walls which every1 shares - all th epeople living in the flats here - i get analogue channels on it but its run by NTL and it will not give out any digital channels for some reason.

had to buy a small indoor aerial to get freeview..

also your problem may be that reception isnt good enough - i had this problem alo with the small aerial i purchased and had to tape it on th ewall next to the window for it to work.

hope this helps :)


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Double check the extension aerial lead to make sure the connectors are well made. A stray bit of braid shorting the central signal wire is not good. If possible try this lead in the main TV to see if it still gives good reception. The cable may even have a hidden break in it which you could check for with a multimeter.

What signal strength and quality are you getting in the main TV? Are you getting all the TV channels (should be 30+).

It sounds like you are connecting the extension lead to a (double?) wall socket? Check the connection behind the wall socket to make sure they are good. Try the lead on the same socket as normally used for the main TV.

You could try an inexpensive room-end booster where the extension cable plugs into the wall. If this doesn't work you are looking at getting the aerial itself and the downlead checked out and possibly replaced. You should also consider a masthead amplifier / distribution box to give a stronger signal.

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