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My grandson 4mb Xbox 360 will not load games 2 weeks out of warranty, the Xbox will still play cds.
My daughter contacted Microsoft who asked to try certain tests (unsure what) to clear fault. When she informed them the box still had the problem they offered to repair for a cost.
What i am trying to find out if this is known fault or problem? or is there something we can try (without opening box) to clear fault.
If this is not possible to resolve does anyone who has this problem know what Micro charge to repair?
Thanks in advance

spankey spangle

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Sounds like the DVD drive is on its way out. Really only thing you could try is put a DVD cleaner in the Xbox might work if not you could open it up and clean the laser with a small cotton bud and ipa got about 6 month more out of mine doing that until the drive packed up for good.


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Can also change the laser within the dvd drive to get it back up?

did or does it play dvd films?

do the games show up as dvd films or not at all?

Dinky Dragon

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Open the tray, have a hoover ready.

Give a quick blast with hair dryer. Holding the 360, tray facing down suck the floaty dust out.

Set the 360, horizontally. It reads better this way.

This is just a quick fix for dust build up. Changing the laser is always the best way. Not hard at all either :)

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