Not happy with Samsung UE46ES6100, looking for something else.

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by threatlockz, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Ok here's the deal:
    I used to have a Samsung LE40A656 LCD, hooked up with:
    - TV box through HDMI
    - xbox 360 through VGA
    - HTPC running XBMC through HDMI
    Everything was great, but I wanted something bigger.

    Got the UE46ES6100, calibrated it. Since it doesn't have VGA i hooked up XBOX through HDMI as well.

    - picture quality after calibration = superb

    - I have 2 "clouding" spots near the bottom center, not noticeable at all during the day, but at night in a dark room with dark pictures/movie it's distracting to me (not even sure my wife has noticed them...)
    - on this TV i suffer from the "24p sync" problems with XBMC. i've sorted it somewhat, but need to adjust an audio delay for all 24p content i watch
    - xbox picture quality is really bad. don't know if it's HDMI or the TV, but I MUCH preferred the VGA quality. I see jaggies everywhere in the current setup, and it really irritates me.

    So, I've been looking to offload this TV to my parents (who only watch TV so it's perfect for them) and get something new for myself.

    I've looking at
    - Samsung PS51E6500 plasma
    - Samsung UE46ES6800 LED TV

    they're both somewhat in the same price range, around 1200€ -1500€.

    Any advice on what would be a good buy?
    Would the problems I have with the current set be fixed?
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