Not getting anywhere on Resident Evil


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time splitter is pants(imo)
Resi is a class game way ahead of TS2

stick with resi and the rewards are great

+ theres many walktrus on the net if u get stuck:D


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I borrowed my mates PS2 a week or so back and played Timesplitters......enjoyed it as a basic 'blast the hell out of everything' kind of game, but, the reviews for TS2 as supposed to be really good.

I'm not selling or getting rid of Resi as i want to continue playing it, it's just frustrating me at the moment......think i will look for some walkthrough's although this goes against my usual way of beating/progressing through games.


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maybe im to used to plying FPS games on pc....consoles just dont feel right to play them on.......cant beat a k/b and mouse;)

was dissapointed with TS2 in multiplayer......that was with 4 of us and a 42" display.....just could get into it..

hope you enjoy the game as it has had good reviews


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Steve try some of the best free walkthroughs going for when you get stuck. I posted James45 a link when he got suck on Eternal Darkness. Haven't seen him since.:eek: I think the darkness got him.:(


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Thanks mate, I did have a quick look yesterday at some walkthrough's, but i am trying not to take too much note and definitely not printing them off.

I went on it last night and progressed a little pushing the statue off the balcony and collecting the blue gem stone, but then i tried to put the arrow in the stone in the graveyard and forgot what to do as it doesn't fit......might have another look today:rolleyes:

Now i can't find the 8th red coin on Mario Sunshine :mad: ;)


Respectamonkeee, i have to agree with you there mate!

Why dont the folk who make these fps for the PS2 support the USB mouse and keyboard, i reckon if they did they would shift more copy's. I myself will not buy a FPS for the PS2 because i just dont think it works with it's gamepad, i've tried it, but it just doesn't fee right or natural.

the ONLY console that has managed to have a control pad work in a FPS was... N64 with goldeneye. (in my oppinion of course).



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The darkness did indeed get me... but it turned out to be power cut!:rolleyes: :D Resi's getting a bit difficult at the mo, Mario is virtually impossible (ghosts in the lobby assault course!!) and even Eternal Darkness is getting tricky (what do you do with the sapphire statue on the engineer bloke chapter?)


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I never really had a problem in Resi solving the puzzles...they all seemed logical and i always got that AHA feeling when solved..

My m8 bought his copy of ED over and tbh i was a bit under whelmed..i thought the graphics were kinda ropey....(may just be me on this 1)

Maybe i didnt want to like the game after said m8 slagged off Resi evil by saying he got stuck on a chair in the 1st room and took it back....

so while i was playing ED in front of him i was "Getting stuck" on every chair i could find;)

Monday nites round my house can be very harsh....

Mario sunshine was branded a game for the under 9's.....I took my copy back as i didnt have the under 9's dexterity :blush:


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If you like Resi then check out Devil May Cry. Its by the same people behind Resi and its a similar type of thing, ie third person perspective and pre-rendered environments, but its much faster with alot of combat involved.

I love it.

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