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May 14, 2001
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in my Hymer
As the title says!

I've found the arrow, but not the bow. So i cant combine and put them in the right place.

Cany you pick up the key in the room with the 'spinning thingy' without setting the 'spinning thingy' off?

I've got the first emblem (over the fireplace in the dining room) but don't know where to put it.

Hint's appreciated :)

Thanks for the link! I have decided however, not to read the walkthrough as i spent nearly £40 on the game and don't want to finish it this early :eek: :eek:

Originally posted by stevegreen
Hint's appreciated :)

Still applies though :confused:
Not sure where you are but I think this is the bit you need:

you dont need a bow what you actually do is examine the arrow (from all angles) and you will gfing the arrowhead comes off. this then slots into the slot in the graveyard in the garden and a dooropens
Steve, I find on Gamefaqs that you can just read little bits of a walkthru. I know what you mean about being tempted though.

Basically with the emblem you obviously haven't found where it needs to go. I will give you a clue - Piano...

Regards Neil.
Been running round on this since friday and have to say its right up there with the greats!!!!

played it b4 on psx but this is so more creepy...........It gives a great sense of acheivement when u solve a puzzle cuz of the amount of work getting there....

The ressurected zombies are genius........ puts me off killing the normal ones unless I have to.

Also makes it especially creepy when walking past zombies.... it is just a shame the fuel canister is not useful enough to constantly carry around :(

Still this is the only game I have played, which I feel made it worth having a next gen console.

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