Not getting 5.1 from HD channels only stereo.


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Noticed this the other night and its on all channels it would seem.

No matter what channel I go to in HD which is in 5.1, I am only getting it in stereo.

My receiver scrolls that its in 5.1 when it comes on but the lights on the 640R panel are missing the rears and centre...and it sounds crap.

If I press the button to force 5.1 on my receiver it says 'mode unavailable'.

Does anyone have any idea as to what is going wrong here please? All was working fine a few days ago.




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just a thought here,
is your sky box set to dd in the sound settings?
reason im saying this is cos i had to have another box on thursday and had the same probs. it took a while to sink in but finally got it right lol.
like i said it was just a thought as i can see you know your stuff.
o and another thing i just thought of is your optical ok?
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Yep, was the first thing I checked. I even changed it and saved it twice to make sure.


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that's a weird one then for sure.


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hi i had this same problem then a helpful chap on here sorted it for me, i had my input button set to auto one press to change it to digital and hey presto glorious 5.1! hop that works for you.


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The input button on my 640R says digital.

Any recorded programmes in are also not outputting the correct sound either :(

I just tried a DVD and it works fine in 5.1 DD/DTS. Wanted to make sure the 640R was not at fault.

This is just so bizarre and annoying at the same time.


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Sorted it... phew.

For some strange reason I now have to press the DD button on the 640R to get 5.1 from Sky HD. Never had to do this before, it has always detected it and outputted accordingly.

When a 5.1 source comes on from Sky HD the receiver flashes its 5.1 but does not output it until I press the DD/DTS button.

Just going to update my Harmony One with that button.

Very very strange this as its never done this before.

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