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Not enough HDMI ports and I think I'm going mad.


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Hello Tech Guyu's :).
I am new around here and am having a complete nightmare with my new home entertainment system and hope I can get some help.

Basically I recently purchased a 50" Panasonic Viera TV and I realised it only had 2 HDMI ports (one named ARC for my theatre system and the other a standard hdmi port)

The equiptment I wish to be connected to my TV is as followed:

Sky HD
Home theatre
Blu Ray player
Xbox 360

I have the home theatre connected to my TV's ARC hdmi port and a hdmi splitter connected to the other port.

In the splitter I have my Sky HD, Blu Ray player and my Xbox 360.

The problem I am encountering is that as soon as I turn my TV on for example to watch Sky HD my Blu ray player overrides everything, therefore I have to wait for my Blu ray player to load up and then I have to shut it down in order to use my Sky HD or anything else that I wish to use.

I have a remote control with the splitter but most of the time it freezes and I then have to power down everything and start again.

It doesn't sound a major problem but it is driving me insane as I am constantly pulling my TV stand out and messing with the hdmi leads to try and get it to work.

Is there an alternative other than unplugging and replugging the hdmi leads all the time or using splitters which apparently (according to the manager of Comet always get overwriden by Blu ray players)

I would really appreciate some help with this, please bear with me as I'm not totally savy with this kind of thing.

Many thanks.


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Kev12 is correct, your HDMI CEC control is turning on the blu ray player which is overriding the splitter. Best to turn Viera Link off on the TV as well as on the player. :)


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Thanks for responding fellas!


Unfortunately my theatre system doesn't have HDMI inputs.


That sounds like it could do the trick mate but I'm not quite sure how I would go about turning off "HDMI control"
My BD player is a Sony, don't suppose you are anyone would know how I would go about it?

Thanks alot for all the help guy's it is appreciated!


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It'll be in the set up menu in the blu-ray player. Can't remember what Sony call it.
As Paul says, go into the TV options and turn off Viera Link there too.


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Okay fellas I have disabled it on my Blu Ray player and found the option for Viera on my Tv but I left it enabled as it is set for "theatre" which I would like to be active with the TV.

That seemed to stop the Blu ray player kicking in which is good but now I have the problem of Sky not working in the hdmi splitter that I purchased as the light on the spliter just flashed on and off and doesn't let my Sky box kick in.

I'm wondering if it doesn't work with Sky boxes as all of my other components that are connected to the splitter seem to work with no problems.

Any thoughts? :)


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I've had some issues in the past with my Sky HD box and HDMI. I think its something to do with some setup handshaking going on (probably HDCP getting in the way). I had to turn off and then on each of the components, in my case TV, AMP, Splitter and Sky Box. Then it all sprang into life, other components don't give me so much hassle i.e. PS3, the Sky box appears to be more picky than the rest.

Oh and by 'on/off' for the Sky Box I mean 'unplugging the power'.


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I have a similar problem, when i turn on the tv the tv and amp switch on fine but when the skybox is turned in the amp auto switches to Blu ray.

it takes at least 4 presses on the amp remote to get it working correctly.

i have the tv set up so i can use the sky remote to turn up the volume on the amp,
drives swmbo Mad.. :rolleyes:
it must be a problem with the sky box. (mines a old tompson )


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I have solved my problem 100%.
I simply disabled HDMI control on my Blu Ray player and purchased one of these brilliant little things:

Neet® - 3 Port HDMI AUTO SWITCH BOX with REMOTE - 3x1: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

It works flawlessly and is 100% compatible with Sky boxes. Johnmc give it a try mate as I guarantee it will solve all of your problems!

You can read the product feedback as it is all people who had the same problems as myself and you ;).

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