Not another new cinema room ???

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More money I guess but the Sonos system is just fab and would work fine with all your cables back to the garage. The controllers are really cool and you can even control the whole system from an iPhone.

Sonos - Home

Cheers, Messiah - I didn't comment on the Sonos system as I don't have one and it was too expensive for me, hence I went down the Squeezebox route, although I do agree that the Sonos looks good, has the advantage of not requiring an additional amp and I suspect is possibly slightly more 'robust' in terms of the setup and running of the software.

However, I also liked the fact the SqueezeCentre is effectively open-source and is constantly being upgraded and there are a lot of useful plugins that you can download, or write for yourself if you wish. This is the same reason I use MediaPortal instead of VMC - I like tweaking things to get them to do what I want them to.

Ideally I would like to install a Sonos sound system, fully automated lighting, heating and CCTV with Creston/Lutron controllers with an integrated Hi-Def Video system in each room, but adding the figures up for this house the calculator ran out of digits!



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Another quick update

I`ve been making sure that all the cables are run into the conservatory before boarding and plastering.

Here are some that come up from the AV rack in the basement via cat5 and baluns

HDMI, Optical, 240v supply, Ethernet and 2 coaxs for the Samsung panel

Then all the cables previously run by our Gary were sorted out and run to various parts of the new wall, all mains and cat5`s were kept well apart from each other

This one shows the wall end where the roof vent spur and control switches will be going so not spoiling the look of the wall front

This by the way this is the vent opener/close motor with the supply cable all neatly hidied by truncking

Now I wanted to try if everything worked before committing myself and plaster boarding so I had to buy yet another Amp, being true to Onkyo as I think my 905 is great I bought the 576 as it had 3 HDMI inputs amongst other nice onboard goodies. There you go Ian, just for you mate :clap:

And then tonight set it all up in the very untidy kitchen, this shows where the AV kit will live as well and the Bose Acoustimass 10 5.1 setup on the table :D

The 1080p signal is from the Samsung BD-P 1500 player which was free with the telly and I must admit seems to perform quite well.

I think I`ll be adding a Humax Freesat PVR soon as well, we`ll have to see what Sants brings :D

Cheers Al :smashin:


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That was quick Al. :thumbsup:

Al, when I said get an Onkyo I didn't literally go down to the shops and get one! Good effort! :smashin:
I beleive that I may have inadvertantly provided some encouragement. :devil:


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Well lads

to be honest their was no contest really between the 2 amps, Onkyo and Sony, it had to be the Onkyo and I really needed one didn`t I :devil:
The 576 is excellent. Totally the right call.

Onkyo are truly amazing, and that one has the rare distinction in 5.1 amps that it does a good job with music too.


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Hi Al

Another great job in the making with the conservatory. If I were patient I would just wait for the updated/finished pics, but I'm not. Is the new LCD going to be perfectly flush with the new plasterboard wall and if so how does the bracket attach. I am struggling to work out how you will ever get the LCD out (for maintenance etc) if you fit it in the opening and plasterboard up to it, as all my plasma brackets have to be offered up to the wall plate higher than the finished position.

Intrigued :confused:
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