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Hi everyone

this is my first posting in this section so please bear with me, I think I`m ok to post here. I am building my house with a dedicated cinema room in the basement which measures approx 5.5mts square (cinema room) I have been fortunate enough to purchase a sim2 grand theatre E300 link projector and I would like to purchase a screen and all the other bits n bobs so any advice is welcome.
I am a complete novice but not an idiot (I think) and would really appreciate any offers of help and advice as its a minefield out there. My only experience is with a borrowed owl screen which was brand new in its box and had bad edge curl (is this normal with owl) so taken back straight away hence should I go tabbed or not.
I might add that the newly plastered walls are superb so maybe a painted or fixed screen is a possibility but the wow factor isn`t really there or is it. Also someone has said that my sim2 needs a good screen to compliment it but which one??? and do I need a 16.9 screen

I don`t have a massive budget as the house build is really gulping it all up but could maybe stretch to a grand for a screen and possibly up to ten grand for the rest of the audio hardware if pushed a lot less would be better but I don`t want to compromise the sim2

I have also fully automated the whole house with multi room audio/video and networked everywhere, The house has I-Light dimming racks fitted to control every room with scene lighting so hopefully should be good.(they ought to be for 9 grand)

Sorry for going on a bit but I really could do with some good old fashioned honest advice

many thanks


PS. this link is to a few pics and also a lot more to follow if requested

PPS. I`ve posted a similar thread in the projector screens forum but as I`m still building thought I ought to put it here so sorry if its wrong but looking at some of the others cinema room pics I just can`t wait whilst mine is done.:)


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Hi Allan,

Welcome to the forums. That looks like a really impressive project you have there. I'm on the final stages of a selfbuild myself, but on a much smaller scale to yours. After the hassles I have had, I would hate to think what your project has been like, that basement looks like it will fantastic though. I'd love to see some pictures of the rest of the house (you can click the link in my sig to see mine).

I am going for a dedicated room - well, its a bedroom with a sofabed just in case - and will be having a fixed screen on the wall. I decided to go this route, as I've never been happy with the ripples that always seem to occur on pull down screens.

I haven't purchased my screen yet, but I am looking at a US company called Carada who are well regarded on the forums. Their frames are made from extruded aluminium which is wrapped in a velvet like material to soak up any overspill of light. The aluminium frame means that the screen material can be held in tension creating a flat surface. There are a number of firms that make similar screens, names that come to mind are Beamax and Stewart.

As for the audio side, do you have anything in mind? Do you have any existing equipment you would be using in the new room? For £10k you shouldn't have any problem kitting your room out to a good standard, but remember to allow for cabling too.

Anyway, good luck and be sure to keep us up to date with progress.:thumbsup:

table manners

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going to keep an eye on this one,looks like its gonna be one hell of a set up


As said above, if you have a dedicated room I would personally go for fixed screen rather than an electric one. If you want the 'wow' factor you could always incorporate electric curtains, theres a relatively cheap mod on here to make electric curtains.


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To post photo's in the thread you need to have them hosted online, either online or through an image hosting site (I use photobucket, if I remeber correctly you had some on picassa?). Then its simply a case of copying the web address of the image you want to insert, and including this in your reply.

There is a button in the reply to thread screen that allows you to embed the image (this one
). just click on the button, and paste the image address and click ok, job done.

Les E

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Another one I will be keeping an eye on...

Seems to be the trend at the minute, actually building from scratch and the good thing is that you can have your stamp on it all the way thru to completion.

I know I only did an extension build to the existing house, but I know the some of the trials you're going to go thru...but you need to keep your eyes on the prize. Keep that image in your head and you'll get there!!

At least you won't have some gaping big holes in the side of your house in the middle of winter, where the builders have knocked's a straight build! Well impressed with the cellar idea too!!


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Hi Les E

Your right about the trials and tribulations, I really had just no idea about doing a full build having done an extension on our last house about 15 yrs ago but once started there`s no going back and so just have to dream the dream and battle on. Also having sold the house to finance this project we`ve no where to live but finding life in the caravan really does suit us and we`ve no date for completion which takes a lot of pressure off. It will be done when its done.

Anyway a few more pics for you all to take a look at if you want

wall completed to height needed to protect us from the elements and all the waifes n straifes

caravan installed on site this was 9 December 2005

this was the start of the excavation on 10th may 2006

this stage took around 3 hours

nearly done and the kids thought it was a swimming pool

what the bloody hell have we done 700 tons later and finished the next day at lunch time taking about 11 hours to dig out

More to follow;


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Hi all and thanks for the WOW john59. here`s a few more pics for you all to peruse over.

concrete poured for strip footing

land drain in behind outer wall which is going up fast

outer skin completed ready for tanking

priming walls before applying tanking

all tanked up

Val sealing round the top of the starter bars after epoxying 200 round the perimeter

sand screed to prevent puncture of visqueen membrane

membrane down along with steel mesh before pouring the slab

15.7 cubic metres later and I`ve got my cinema room floor

a block or 2 to help us on the way

finished basement showing cinema room far end and games room which now houses a competition pool table. the middle bit is the staircase opening and opposite that will be the AV room

floor joists and block and beam joists over cinema. these will form the garage floor

the first brick hooorrraaayyy only 25999 to go

there`s more to follow if you want em!

PS.on a more to do with what I`m doing it all for note, looking at all your home cinema rooms a lot seem to have gone for a fixed screen which I am sure is the path I will go down. Some idea`s on that and what to spend my budget on the amp/speaker dvd player route would be welcome.
PPS. I have in fact cut out the cinema room walls for 7.1 monitor audio CP gold in wall speakers, does anyone have any experience of these or preference to others, if so I`d love to hear your views.

cheers all



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:eek::eek: ANOTHER WOW:eek::eek:, Fantastic photo journal there, keep em coming thick and fast, If you dont mind me asking, whats the costing for this project, (pm me or tell me to mind my own buisness if you wish:laugh:)


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:eek::eek: ANOTHER WOW:eek::eek:, Fantastic photo journal there, keep em coming thick and fast, If you dont mind me asking, whats the costing for this project, (pm me or tell me to mind my own buisness if you wish:laugh:)

Hi john

no problem with you asking, so far the build has cost around £130k. the pics will come thick and fast I promise. At the stage up to laying the first brick I think I had spent around £12k so when you think about after deducting £4k to get the dig done leaves £8k for a cinema and games room. Must dash as we are off to one of grand daughters 4th birthday party but will post more pics later. Anyone else wanting to know owt please ask.

cheers all



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great pics
keep them coming

how long until finish?

Hi bluedoo

how longs a piece or string, we`ve been at it (he hem building I mean) for 13 months now but only taking it at our own pace. Mainly because we`re in our 50`s and like to have days off and holidays as well, but the main thing is that we have bought a decent caravan to live in on site so we are very comfortable which certainly takes a lot of the pressure off us believe me.. We were going to rent a place but soon realised thats its dead money which is better spent on other things,(like more holidays).
Also its quite a big place as you will soon see from the photo`s over 4 floors with each one being 78 square metres in floor area.
So far there are 1600 metres of underfloor heating pipe fitted, I went for a 16mm dual layer plastic pipe with an aluminium core between and 11 miles of god knows what cables and wires, the`re bloody everywhere and for all the i-light system and network and alarm and heating and security and multi room a/v and a whole lot more what I just can`t think of. Recently we bought 200 down lights which isn`t nowhere near enough yet to finished the house apart from led`s and what have you in other areas. The first fix plumbing took about 4 weeks to do all 4 bathrooms and ground floor cloakroom and looks like spagetti junction gone beserk but its all part n parcel of doing your selfbuild. I remember when a great big wagon came full of kingspan and when he pulled the curtain side back I nearly fainted when he said "its all yours mate".

Anyway I`m waffling on a bit now so I`ll shut up and try to post more pics later.

cheers Allan


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As promised more pics, if you get fed up just say and I`ll stop posting them

end elevation showing double door from kitchen into the sun room


front elevation showing front kitchen window


front elevation in its full length


showing internal walls, the door opening in the near wall is from garage into hallway


trying to show rear elevation distance from one end to the other


ground floor window lintel and front door opening


view from kitchen into the hallway showing the staircase opening down into the basement


view the other way


hallway into the garage showing double doors above standard height to get my discovery in


first floor joists showing staircase opening and start of the 3 metre high window in the back of the staircase


steelwork carrying floor joists over the hallway/kitchen opening


me showing a stupid face and I can`t remember why, must have been the heat


thats it for now but please let me know if they are not suitable for this thread and I`ll stop them

cheers everyone



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Firstly congratulations on this, what a fantastic project. Keep the pictures comings.

Well Done



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Glad to see you got the photo's up Allan, keep them coming.:smashin: This is one of my favourite threads.:)

Looks like I might have to be a little more adventurous with my next build though, my whole floorspace (excluding the attic) is less than one of your floors.:eek:


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Hi Ian

you know what they say mate its not the size that matters its the quality and your build certainly has that. Anyway glad you like what you`ve seen so far and I`ll post more pics later for you all to see.
Also what are your other favourite threads as I`ve got loads its just finding the time to read them all. If your ever in the area your more than welcome to come and have a look round for about 8 hrs or so, dinner breaks at 12.30 and we provide the tea and hard hats:smashin:


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