Not all players are equal with 3D.

Nov 17, 2018
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Hello forum. I have just watched BR2049 3D back to back on two Panasonic players. An ‘old’ DMP-BDT700 and a brand new ub420. Everything running on a brand new Sony 290es pj. Glasses fully charged.

3D performance was very different. The newer player had some really bad ghosting/crosstalk. Highly detailed scenes with smoke/debris/solar cells/ground were terrible. Picture was kind of ‘collapsing’…or ‘layering’…looked awful. On the OLD player (THX cert.) everything looked just fine….nice ‘calm’ saturated 3d picture with amazing detail.

The (lack of) performance of the new player was quite surprising to me.

I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked……and tweaked!…..the new player just couldnt muster a nice solid 3D image. Have any of you had this experience or similar?

I sometimes wonder if reviewers really test and compare units and performance. I have read a lot of good stuff about the ub420, including about its 3d performance. (Thats why I bought it) But, very clearly this was not up to ‘basic’ 3d par. Easily visible.

I know 3d isnt as big as it once was, but I love it and I watch all 3d films that I can get my grubby hands on. Maybe the manufacturers are slowly ‘overlooking’ 3d performance…?

Anyway….any feedback would be awesome.
I have used all 4 players in my sig for 3d and no complaints for any of them.
May be a faulty player,if new send it back and try another unit.


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