Not able to play recordings?


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I think I saw this on another thread - but couldnt find it again...

I have had Sky+ for three months - and so far - it is the best gadget I have ever bought!!!

However, over the last couple of weeks we have lost a few recordings and am wondering if its a common problem?

It seems to record fine, its listed as successfully recorded, with the correct number of minutes recorded... but when you try to play it - you just see the last frame of Live TV you were watching and nothing else. You can fast-forward through the entire episode to the end - but the image doesnt change.

The thread I couldnt find again mentioned it was just a BBC problem... but I have lost three episodes of Eastenders (BBC1)(no great loss really... but my wife could kill me!), one episode of My Family (BBC1) and now - halfway through playing Navy NCIS from FX channel - it froze and wouldnt play it anymore.

With this latest one - I immediately went back to try another recording and it worked fine... played NCIS from the beginning again and it worked. In fact the whole part of the recording I had already seen worked - it froze at the same spot and wouldnt play anymore.

I dont want to run a maintenance on it because i'll lose all my recordings and have to rebuild my bookings. :(

Any suggestions? Should I call Sky+ to replace the box or is it a general problem?



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i had exactly the same thing happen to me last night tried to record friends 9pm ch4 it said it recorded fine, but when i came to view it nothing just the last frame of what i had been watching previuosly.

you said about running a maintianence on it how do you do this? and what does it do?


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I cant remember the number sequence... just do a quick search through this forum for "Maintenance" and you should find it pretty quickly.

It seems to resolve most peoples problems - but deletes ALL recorded content - and your bookings.

I feel this is unnacceptable really... this box was not cheap - and should do what it says on the tin - without the inconveniance of effectively "rebooting" it everytime it plays up...

Anyone else having this problem?

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