Not able to burn to disc

Graham BB

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I have a JVC (GR-DX97EK) and I am using movie maker I also have a firewire connection.My problem is I cant burn my video to disc it keeps comming up " A recordable cd drive was not detected" I am getting a bit frustated with it .


I assume you are using the Vista version of Movie Maker as the version in XP has no abilities to burn a disc. If it is the XP version then what other software are you trying to burn the CD/DVD with?
Full help with the features of Movie Maker can be found Here (both Vista & XP versions).



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Do you get to "see" the CD drive in other applications?

If so whilst waiting to move past Movie Maker, Why not try Nero or other Burning program

Graham BB

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I must be running MM1,I didn't realise I couldn't burn to cd with it, I have sonic (MYdvd), just tried it again and managed to transfer from my digital camera onto the disc. I manage to get it to play back on the computer but not on my dvd player also it doesn't auto run. Thanks for the help at least I know I can burn it now will gradualy work through any other issues I have.

Hi to graham bb as well.

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