Not a lot, but it's finally mine!


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Aug 14, 2005
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Been collecting stuff for ages in preperation to move into my first home - now it's all finally in, even tho it's not all set up properly yet (rear dipoles are still sat in a box upstairs as haven't decided where they will be mounted yet, and cables haven't been sorted out properly (as you can see) and sub positioning isn't spot on yet) I thought I'd share a pic with you :)

So here you are :)


TV is a Tosh 36" CRT - "Picture Frame" 36ZP18Q
Sitting on a modified Ikea Oppli
Centre speaker is a cheapo Eltax jobbie
Fronts are Mission M74's
Sub is a Mission AS6E active sub
Rears (will be, when up) are Mission M77DS di-pole wall mounters

Source gear;

DVD is a Sony NS92V dvd/sacd/divx player
AVR is a Sony STR-DE685 (DD, DTS, Pro Logic - nothing fancy but does what I need :) )
Top left is a "Dual" (Asda) Freeview PVR
Under that is my "ghetto HTPC" - a Compaq D510 Evo SFF PC, running XP, with an external HDD connected to it that stores all the media (it's actually a HDD media player I bought from Maplin but realised was pony, so now it just acts as an external drive, as it has an on/off switch on the front :) )

The DVD's below all that are actually in racks I intergrated into the custom oppli build - pics can be seen of the build on another thread I did :)

:) Hope you like :)
Very impressed with the modified unit :thumbsup: Nice job fella!

How did you do that without splitting the vaneer/finish?? And did you have to buy 2 units??


Very smart set-up you have there, I've always had a soft spot for those old Toshiba pictue frames. :smashin:
very nice ..good luck in the new home :thumbsup:
Very nice set up mate,

I love the picture frame they are still the king of CRT screens amd if you after a screen size of 32" - 36" you cant buy anything better, ( In my opinion)

The stand looks mint well done and looks like a nice place you have

Tidy steup mate. :thumbsup:

Have always been a fan of the Toshiba picture frame TV's, I was going to buy one for my place, but getting planning permission took that long that the model later two models have been and gone since. I keep looking at LCD's, but the Tosh's take some beating, and unless you want HD I don't think they are quite there yet.

Still my parents have got the 32ZP38, so maybe I'll just pinch that.:devil:

How difficult was it to convert the rack? I've got a different Ikea cabinet at present, but I'm running out of space.
Thanks for the compliments guys :)

I know it's not cutting edge technology, or a thousand pound home cinema installation or anything (I wish!) but I like it, and it's my first home with my own stuff (well actually, it's first home anywhere other than at "home" home ;) )

For info on the stand, look HERE as it shows what I did :)

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