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Not a Happy Bunny!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by coolcat, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. coolcat

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    Aug 6, 2003
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    Back in July I ordered a Sim2 HT300 Xtra and a Stewart Firehawk screen which is due to be installed this month.
    When I heard in September that Sim2 were bringing out a new model, the HT300E, I phoned my dealer and asked him if my order could be changed for the new model. He phoned me back 5 days later and said that it wasn’t possible as he had already received the projector :confused: but his supplier could arrange for it to be upgraded with the new DMD chip. I wasn’t too happy with this as how would I know the chip had been replaced and how would it affect the warranty. So I said that I still wanted the HT300E as it’s a lot of money for us and I wanted the most up to date version as possible.
    Anyway he phones today and said that the HT300 Xtra can be fully upgraded to the new model, chip, extra soundproofing, software etc and that’s the best he can do. My husband phoned Sim2 UK and asked if these upgrades were possible and they said on no account do they carry out this work.
    I had already contacted BADA who said it was within my rights under the sale of goods act to request the change to the new model.
    The outcome is that the dealer isn’t happy with us because we have landed him with an £8000 player that he will have to sell at a heavily discounted price and order the new one for us and we are not looking forward to the install day because of the bad feeling this has caused.
    Sorry for this long post but I was wondering if you think we are being unreasonable and can it be true that the dealer is unable to return the unsold and unwanted HT300 Xtra as he reckons we are costing him a lot of money.
    This has spoiled what should have been a very happy purchase for us and I can’t help but think we are dealing with Del Boy rather than a BADA/CEDIA dealer. :lease:

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