Not a film to be enjoyed but on to watch.........


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It's almost 10 years since the UK release of Schindler's List and it's now on the threshold of release and I don't know whether to buy it or not.
Schindler's List and some notable others are IMO not films you enjoy but movies that make you think.
The Magdalene Sisters is another example.

On the other hand I bought JFK, Apollo 13, Band of Brothers, 13 Days as a testimony to a time and event in history they represent.

So the point remains. Do I buy Schindler's List and watch it or file it with the others as historical/docu/drama ?


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I 'enjoyed' Schindler's List just like I enjoyed any other film.

Buy, watch and enjoy.

On the other hand I bought JFK ... as a testimony to a time and event in history they represent.

:confused: :)


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Apollo 13?


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I will buy. the film is too important not to buy.


Definately one to buy, it won't be one you watch over and over but its one of those films you sit back and watch in disbelief realising these things actually happened, and in certain places around the world still are :(


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I've actually never seen it :rolleyes: but I am going to buy it, and hope to see it at some point in my life!


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If you liked 'The Pianist' you will like this.

Lets hope some Palestinian director releases an Arab version of 'The Pianist' in 50 years time eh?


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Originally posted by blackstone
Why did it take so long to get released ?

Basically because Spielberg doesn't like DVD - hence no real input from him on any of his DVDs :rolleyes:

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