Norah Jones' new offering - how is it?


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Jan 15, 2003
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I'm yet to hear it, but plan to buy it when I'm next in town.

Has anybody heard it yet, how was it? And how does it compare to 'Come Away With Me'?


Dimmy :)
Sorry am not to good on writing reviews so will just say it is as good as the first album :smashin: :clap:
Don't we have a thread on this already?

I didn't like it, will teach me not to pre-order. Some of the tracks approach the level of the previous album but most are mediocre at best and they will get old just as fast. I was really looking forward to this, it's not like me to pre-order. :(

If Katie Melua's second album disapoints me I may cry.
I would give the first album 9/10 and this one 8/10. Still well worth having IMHO. I have so much new music at the mo it's difficult to get into anything. I just end up sticking the Darkness on and screaaaammiiinggg.
Miss jones send me to sleep for all the wrong reasons. just no emotion for me. No highs our lows, flat all the way through
I understand what you mean Keanyboy. I didn't really like the first album that much at all, but it showed a lot of promise and room for development & improvement. I was curious as to the second album has 'grown' from the first or not.

That said, there are some very touching songs on the first album...
If you didn't like the first album, I'd steer well clear of this one mate.

Personally I love it, although I can't abide 'Creepin' In'
the 2nd song on the first album is beautiful i must admit. I love the genre, i just think she's up against some true greats, that dwarf her. Only my opinion though
I agree completely keanyboy. But for her first album she did very well indeed.

Even those 'true greats' themselves were rarely at the peak of their powers with their first offering.

I think I'll buy the new album anyway, see how she's progressed since the first.
Get hold of New York City by the Peter Malick Group which she sings on. It's much more bluesy and has some good soulfull songs. I think it's the best of the lot. Also features Heart of Mine which is the end theme to Runawway Jury. The movie was mediocre but the outgoing music nailed me in my seat and I had to track it down. Felt a bit odd sitting in an empty cinema listening to the song but I did pay for it dammit.
Well I read the other day that she'd topped 1m sales in her first week (second highest ever for a female, behind Britney) in the US, so she must be doing something right :smashin:
Well miss dion sells millions upon millions. cliff richard has sold more records in this country then the beatles (or anybody else) 20 million. Sales figures means little to me
After the show when every man and his dog came in clutching it to play I know I never want to hear it again. If good is an absence of bad then I suppose it is good but if good is the presence of positive attributes, it is not a good album.
have only listened to it far...... Immediate listen is that its not as good as the first or the Peter Malick Group offering. Try some Diana Krall, she's far more consistent :)
'Toes' is quickly starting to rank as one of my favourite all time songs on her new album.
Nope not as good as the first........why oh why is Dolly Parton on it. A slow and subtle switch to country is not good news for Miss Jones in the mass market.

More blues and less yee-haa please.


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