Nooby question but desperate for the answer :(


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Basically I have a Samsung smart tv the 8000 series, and I bought a turtle beach headset model is foxtrot and everything was going great until it came to finding the audio output to which I cannot do, I can find the input but no output, does anyone know where itis, it has a digital output but I need the red and white jack output :( please help lol


TVs usually have only an optical connection for audio, though some have a headphone socket that you could probably adapt for whatever that is that you have.:)


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I had the same problem. I bought a brilliant little Audioengine DAC which runs off the TV's USB slot and sits sweetly behind the TV taking up almost no room and not needing a power cord and accepting the optical digital audio from the TV, converting it to analogue, and sending it to my amp by way of red and white jacks such as the ones you want to use. The sound is great. One of the best purchases I've made. I bought from ecodigital for £149.

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