Noobish question



Bit of a receiver and speaker question forgive me for wrong forum, wasnt sure which to post in.

I am new to seperates and am putting together a system when the bargains surface on a v tight budget.

Anyway I have a marantz sr4300 on the way and i have already bought some Wharfedale 60+.

Now the question is, I am unsure as to whether i am setting myself up for a disaster by using 4 ohm speakers and frying the marantz. I wont be driving them to the limit, but would you recommend a rtn to shop and a swap for an 8ohm set. As i said i have a v tight budget of around £130.

Any opinion gratefull accepted.
Hi cochise
My kid brother had the 60+ system which he used with an entry level sony receiver which never had any problems, the marantz will be fine the speakers being very small helps too.
So set it up and enjoy.
Cheers Gonzo.
Nice to know really, i was almost ready to have the box in the back of the car i was that bothered. Many thanks

Have to wait till we decorate now to set this up (and the small matter of a dvd player purchase to worry about). Out with the DAVS300 to our new extension.
I cant wait to set up

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