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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Stonedog, Sep 23, 2004.

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    hiya guys...

    ive got a Pioneer 504hd which ive had for a couple of months and i want to know if im getting the best out of it that i can so please excuse the noobie questions))

    1. ive got my Sky + connected via RGB to input 1 and im getting 625i appear in corner....and ive got a progresive scan enabled dvd player (Teac DV-L800) connected via input 3 with component cables (and a scart for sound from the TV speakers) and im getting 525p this correct? have i got them set up correctly as i got a nagging feeling that ive done something wrong)

    2. i got a DVR-420 DVD/HDD Recorder included in the deal for my 504 but im at a bit of a loss on how to best include this in my setup to get the best picture and ease of use .

    3. ive connected my modded Xbox (had a 120gb HD fitted and chipped) to input 2 via scart but all i can get on that input is a pal signal so the PQ isnt anything special...

    all connections are with good quality leads and my amp is a Teac AG-L800 with Kef 5005's

    am i getting best out of screen with the kit i have?


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    I assume you've set up 'component' for input 3 in the home menu set up? I cannot understand why you're using a scart cable for sound thru the TV from the DVD player when you can use a digital (coax) cable from the DVD to the amp. I can only see Input 2 (SVHS) left for the DVR-420. Does your amp have 2 optical inputs? Because I think this player only has optical out and I assume you're using one optical input for Sky +

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