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Noobie Ipod question


Established Member
Sorry for asking dumb questions but i have been updating my ipod and there seems to be alot of duplication of names. for example: under artists i have two instances of Goldfrapp--> All--> Train
Goldfrapp--> All--> Strict machine

The spellings in Itunes appear to be exactly the same, so how can i group both songs under Goldfrapp??? Seems to happen alot throughout my Ipod collection!

Advice please

Blue :confused:


Distinguished Member
There will most probably be a slight difference in spelling between the two. If you go into the album listing for each one in turn then right click on the track and select Get Info, you can then click on the Info tab and then click in the Artist field to see exactly what the artist name is (Sometimes there is a space character after the artist name so it treats it as different).
If you do spot a difference, you can select all of the tracks for that artist and then right click and select Get Info. This time on the Info tab there will be fewer fields that you can alter, one of them will be artist so change that to match the other spelling.


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Thanks Jon

I will re-check. The artists names are spelled the same but it could well be a space character causing it. very frustrating :rolleyes:

thanks blue


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I found the easiest thing was to group them by artist in itunes and then using the 'get info', copy the name, click 'next' and then keep copy/pasting - even spaces seemed to make it think it was two distinct artists


Standard Member
Hi Booktop,

Easier than that. Select all the songs and then do a get info. You can change the artist name and it will change it for all of them


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That's what I said originally ;)

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