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Hi All,

I've just set up my KEF PSW1000, only a budget sub but i just needed a small ammount of bass reinforcement.

I was looking at the specs and it quotes a frequency responce of 38hz to 120hz.

However i have tried a 33hz test tone on it and it plays rather loudly.

Does this mean that the sub can play lower than 38hz? Or am i missunderstanding the specifications?

Best Regards

Chris Harris.


All subs will play all frequencies, but the question is - at what volume?

The makers normally quote a sub as being able to play down to X frequency at +/-3db, where db is the volume level. So it will produce all frequencies down to 38hz before the volume starts to drop off too much.
So playing your 33hz test tone on its own will sound loud, but that frequency would probably be lost within the rest of the soundtrack in a movie etc as everything over 37hz will be up to 3db louder. This also becomes more noticeable as the human ear is less sesitive to low frequencies.

Well its something like that anyway :suicide:


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