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Apr 21, 2007
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Hi there, I'm reasonably new to the Amp/receiver/suuround side of things.

I am intending to get a 360 in the summer. I was originally going to get the Elite as I could just stick it in my single HDMI input, and keep my modded Xbox through the VGA socket in my Toshiba WL56 (the one whose only HD inputs is HDMI and VGA, no direct component, doh!).

However as currently rumoured the Elite is just too expensive, the Premium represents far better value I reckon.

So rather than constantly swap 5 component cables from my Component>VGA lead each time I change between Xbox and 360, I'd probably be better off with a switch or receiver.

Now my question is this: why do none of them have SCART inputs?

I would still like to keep my DVD player through SCART. The problem I have is that (at least on my telly) I feel the SCART gives me better pic quality than either of the two progressive inputs I have tried (Xbox (Ahem) and a Tosh SD150).

However no receiver seems interested in being poked by a SCART. And is a receiver really my best option? My sister did ask "You're gonna pay £300 because you can't be bothered swapping cables???!!!!!"

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